Disc Chipper Machine


Disc chipper machine is for cutting raw materials such as logs and bamboo and the components consist  of rack ,cutters, feed inlet, casing,  a electronic control systems ., etc. The rated capacities of various-model disc chipper machines can chipping the logs up to 700mm in diameter,at rate from 2 ~ 290m cube per hours and the chipping output sizes from 12mm to 35mm in length.









Sawdust Granulating Machine


Sawdust granulating machine suitable for making biomass sawdust pellet, wood pellet, biomass palm pellet etc and it design to compress various specific gravity material from 0.3~0.6g/cm3. The machine components consist of stainless steel feeder, various pitch  anti-arch mechanism, high precision gear, motor, etc. The production capacity rate, subject to different model, perform output from 0.2 tonne to 2 tonnes per hours. And the pellet sizes is 6mm diameter and 8mm diameter.